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While I didn’t become a Botanical Stylist for the recognition, being featured on some kick ass wedding websites makes all the long hours and stressful nights worth it. Plus, these particular websites are kind of big deals and they’re pretty selective about the weddings they choose to feature, which makes me feel pretty validated as a florist. That they would think my flower arrangements are worthy of their sites is incredible. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!

First up is Green Wedding Shoes. Kezia and Ashton were married at Bear Creek Lodge in McCall, Idaho in a stunning snowy winter wedding. Snowflakes actual fell during the ceremony, just adding to the magic of the day. The wedding concept was breathtaking, as were the bride and groom. The fresh crunch of snow and the stark white ground seemed a fitting blank slate for a wedding. The barren outdoor setting and the vintage feel of the wedding allowed me to go in a direction I typically don’t get to explore, and challenged me creatively. I wanted to tie in a natural and earthy feel to the arrangements, yet compliment the classically rustic vibe. I was quite pleased with the result, and happy that someone else agreed!

The next, and perhaps one of my favorite concept shoots ever, can be found featured on Wedding Chicks. Here’s what I said about the design at the time: The flowers that surround a bride on her wedding day should never steal the show, but rather compliment her beauty and enhance her elegance. I chose Lilacs, Peonies, Ranunculus, Hydrangea and Dogwood Blossoms for that very reason. I played off the apple orchard setting and went country chic. The bride’s beauty was softly, yet deliberately stunning, so I accented that with soft pastels, bringing in a deliberate pop of color. The arm band of flowers was as unique as the bride was breathtaking. The fresh idea was an elegant play on the eternal wedding concept: the simple band of Lilacs and Dogwood Blossoms continued in a circle with no end, ushering the bride into a marriage with just as much promise.

As I branch out and expand my wedding resume, my hope is that the caliber of my work only improves, and getting noticed by influential sites such as these becomes a regular occurrence.

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